City/ District:
İstanbul / Üsküdar
Hafız Mehmet Bey Sok. No: 8 Salacak Üsküdar - İstanbul 
0535 425 25 25 / 0216 334 59 34

Ahmet Hikmet Barutçugil was born in Malatya in 1952. He graduated as a textile designer from Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1977. He started working on the art of khatt with the encouragement of his teacher Emin Barın in 1973 and focused his studies on marbling in 1977. Barutçugil, who always regarded marbling as a science branch and aimed to advance it, developed many products from everyday objects to materials to be used in interior decoration, and tried marbling methods that had never been used before. He developed the marbling style “Barut Ebrusu” (Gunpowder Marbling). To familiarize the Turkish marbling art, he held 110 personal and participated in 105 group exhibitions, gave 170 courses and seminars, 99 conferences and applied marbling demonstrations and carried out 6 art therapies both at home and abroad. He won many international awards. Many of Barutçugil’s works are continuously exhibited in globally known museums, including London British Museum, and some private collections. Barutçugil is the first and only Turkish artist who won the “Best of the Best Award” in the Art in Action festival organized in 2012 by London School of Economic Science, he won the same award again in 2016. He published 37 books and many articles, attended various interviews and TV programs. Barutçugil continues producing marbling works on materials such as paper, fabric, ceramic, glass, wood at Ebristan Istanbul Marbling House; and works on other traditional arts like khatt, illumination, miniature, bookbinding.