City/ District:
Ankara / Keçiören

The calligrapher Ömer Faruk Gubari was born in Ankara in 1996. In 2009, he studied madrasa to study in the field of Islamic Studies. After meeting with gubari calligraphy in 2015, he developed himself in this field, ameliorated this forgotten art and became a breath in this field with a new style. In addition, Ömer Faruk Gubari, who made researches on the subtleties and history of gubari calligraphy art that could not reach today, has succeeded in bringing to shed light on many unknowns in this regard and wrote articles. Today, he is one of the two important representatives of gubari calligraphy in our country. Gubari, whose works are exhibited in many exhibitions and museums, works on micro grains such as rice grain and fig seed, which are generally in the dervish style. The most prominent works of the artist are as follows: In 2017, he made the smallest rosary of the world from fig seed and wrote “Lafza-i Celâli” (a word denoting greatness and sublimity that does not accept comparison) on the seeds. He reached the top in this field when he showed the skill of writing the entire chapter of Surah Ihlas together with Basmala on a piece of rice in 2019. This work will be exhibited in the Quran Museum in Makkah al-Mukarramah. Another important work of him is the smallest “Çihâr Yâr-i Guzîn” (which represents the 4 Rashidun Caliphates in Islam) in the world, written with gubari calligraphy on the rice grains in 2020.