City/ District:
Bursa / Nilüfer
0554 352 20 40

Azime Güven was born in Samsun in 1972. She is a graduate of Anadolu University Home Administration Associate Degree Program, and continues her studies at Anadolu University Labor Economics Undergraduate Program. She improved herself in the field of point lace by attending classes at public education centers, and received point lace training from Canan Oral for three years. Güven then started working as a master instructor at Amasya Public Education Center. She received her assistant master certificate in 2014, and her Ministry of Culture and Tourism Artist Presentation Card in point lace branch in 2015. Güven participated in exhibitions and cultural activities at various locations in Bursa, and trained many students. She has been working as a master instructor at Bursa Nilüfer Public Education Center since 2010.