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Adana / Seyhan

Ömer Erdoğan who has been nominated to UNESCO as the “Living Human Treasure” candidate, aims to teach woodworking to the future generations. Ömer Erdogan, who worked as a furniture manufacturer in his hometown of Mardin with his father, then after coming to Adana and started wood carving as a hobby, transforming wood into works of art with his beautiful works. Erdogan, who brought Adana’s historical and cultural artifacts back to life with wood, was also presented to UNESCO as a “Living Human Treasure” candidate in 2016 by Adana Governorship. Ömer Erdoğan, who was given the title of “Woodworking Artist” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, also tries to teach the trainees this forgotten art with the workshop he established in the historical Kazancılar Bazaar in Adana.

“I have been in this tree for 40 years”

Stating that he entered the profession with furniture painting at the age of 8, Erdoğan said, “We appeal to local and foreign tourists who come to Adana by performing traditional handicrafts. In our workshop, we both exhibit the products we make and teach those who want to learn so that the profession will not be limited with us. I usually do wood carving and mother-of-pearl inlay. I entered this profession at a very young age. I have been in this tree for 40 years”.