City/ District:
Bursa / Nilüfer
Konak Mh. Seçkin Sk. No 7 Evkon 1 Sitesi A blok
0532 544 87 60

Nermin Ağrıdağ was born in Bursa in 1957. She graduated from Bursa Industrial Vocational High School in 1976. She worked on patchworking for many years and received over thirty certificates by attending courses in various art branches. Ağrıdağ worked as a master instructor at Bursa Nilüfer Public Education Center between 1998-2010, won prizes in various competitions and participated in many exhibitions. She attended the ten-day training course in Wroclaw/Poland in 2010 within the scope of the program organized by the Public Education Center. Ağrıdağ held the ATCEX Patchworking Exhibitions at Bursa Merinos Cutlure and Congress Center in 2012. She took part in the book by ranking high with her design in the Ribbon Embroidery Competition organized by Di Van Niekerk in South Africa in 2012.