City/ District:
İstanbul / Kadıköy
Çelik Sk. Özben Apt. No: 16 Daire: 23 Sahrayıcedit - İstanbul
0532 730 53 40

Alev Demirkesen was born in 1964. She raduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Traditional Turkish Arts. Demirkesen completed her master’s degree at the same department. In 2003, she started as a lecturer in the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Sakarya University. She has participated in many seminars and exhibitions. Her masters are Cahide Keskiner, Kerim Silivrili, Emin Barın, Yusuf Durul, Tahsin Aykutalp, Güngör Arıbal, Neşe Aybey, Muammer Ülker and Mahmut Öncü. Demirkesen is currently the head of Tile Department and co-head of the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts. At the same time, she does the Quality Embassy duty within the scope of academic evaluation and quality improvement studies within the university.