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Hatice Yilmaz was born in Germany in 1974. She graduated from Trakya University Martyr Painter Hasan Rıza Fine Arts Vocanional School, Traditional Handicrafts Departments in 2016. She participated in the course and exhibition organized with the name “Anadolu Insurance ‘One Master One Thousand Masters’” at Edirne Deveci Han Cultural Center in 2010. In the same year, she started her Edirnekâri studies with Asst. Prof. Mehtap Cömert at Workshop Edirnekâri. She participated in the exhibition organized by Edirne Public Education Center at Trakya University Balkan Congress Center in 2015, and in Bulgaria Biz (means us) Association Turkish Cultural Days with Asst. Prof. Mehtap Cömert in 2016. She started working as an edirnekâri instructor at Edirne Public Education Center in 2014, and continues her works in the field of edirnekâri.