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Şükrüpaşa Mah. Bahriyeüçok Cad. No:3 9 Daire:16
0555 989 02 71

Sevilay Güler was born in Istanbul in 1977. She graduated from Trakya University Traditional Handicrafts Department in 2010. Güler attended various certificate programs such as Edirne Public Education Center’s Basic and Advanced Edirnekâri, Basic and Advanced Fragrant Soap, Basic and Advanced Home Furnishing, Jewelry Design, Hand Embroidery with Manufactured Materials, Advanced Wood Painting, Artificial Silk Cocoon Flower Programs. She received participation and achievement certificates by attending the “Artists of the Future” exhibition organized by Trakya University, and two of her works are still being exhibited at the art gallery of the university. Güler held her first personal Edirnekâri exhibition at Sultan II. Bayezid Complex in September 2012, participated in many exhibitions both at home and abroad, and won certificates of participation. She worked as an Edirnekâri instructor at Edirne Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism in 2016, and continues training students as a master instructor at her personal workshop and Edirne Public Education Center.