City/ District:
İstanbul / Fatih
Emin Barın Kağıt ve Cilt Atölyesi, Divanyolu Cad. Boyacıahmet Sok. Barın Han No: 4 Çemberlitaş - İstanbul
0530 505 05 93

İslam Seçen was born in Pristina in 1936. He studied sculpture and painting at PEC Academy of Fine Arts, where he entered with first degree, and graduated in 1957. Seçen took classical bookbinding (West) and calligraphy classes from Emin Barın; classical bookbinding (East) classes from Necmeddin Okyay and Sacid Okyay. He founded Süleymaniye Library Bookbinding Department in 1961 with the request of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, restored thousands of works there in 27 years and retired as a chief expert. He gave classical bookbinding classes at MSFAU between 1977-2013 and still teaches the art of bookbinding to the new generations at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University. Seçen, who continues doing restorations abroad, restored the manuscripts in Gülbenkian Collection. He won the Silver Tulip Award and Culture and Art Grand Award in 2012, and Living Human Treasures Award in 2015. Habib İsmen, Kazım Hacımeyliç, A. Betül Oral and Melike Kazaz are some of the students he trained.