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Gürcan Mavili was born in Çorlu in 1965. He graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (MSFAU) Fine Arts Faculty (FAF) Traditional Turkish Handicrafts Department in 1993. Mavili worked as a master instructor at Yavuz Sultan Selim Traditional Turkish Handicrafts Girls’ Vocational High School, gave bookbinding and restoration classes. He was appointed as a research assistant to MSFAU FAF Traditional Turkish Handicrafts Classical Bookbinding Department in 1998; took ‘Islamic Bookbinding’ courses from İslam Seçen, ‘Manuscript Pathology’ and ‘Preserving and Restoring Written Documents’ courses from Saadet Gazi and worked as an assistant in these courses. Afterwards, he was appointed as an Instructor to MSFAU Vocational School Architectural Restoration Program in 2015, and still gives courses at MSFAU FAF Traditional Turkish Handicrafts Bookbinding Department undergraduate and graduate programs.