City/ District:
İstanbul / Fatih
İstanbul Sanatçılar Çarşısı, Sultanahmet - İstanbul
0212 517 67 82

Mehmet Ali Kunduracıoğlu, who restored the papers, leathers and bindings of tens of works for thirty-six years, continues his works at the workshop he opened in 1986 at Istanbul Artists’ Market in Sultanahmet. The oldest manuscript he took part in the restoration of, the Qur’an written on gazelle leather Uthman ibn Affan was reading when he was martyred, was restored in five years with fourteen people working on it and is still being kept at the Holy Relics Section of Topkapı Palace. He also restored the works the collectors who attended, in auctions both at home and abroad, bought. Kunduracıoğlu worked on the artworks of famous khattats such as Sheikh Hamdullah Efendi, Nazif Efendi.